Thursday, 11 November 2010

Happy Martinstag!

All of a sudden there was a terrible racket outside the office today. I thought it was one of those post-teenage guys with a "cool" car and playing his music loudly – but as my colleagues ran out to the balcony, I realised it was something else. Our little street was taken over by a parade of children and parents, carrying colourful paper lanterns and singing.

Happy St Martin's Day, apparently!


  1. Hey Finn in Berlin! I am a fellow cyclist from NYC visiting Berlin from Nov 23-26 and I was wondering if you'd like to meet for a cycling trip. I know nothing of the city and am trying to meet cyclists along my journey thorough Europe and learn of the culture. I run and can be reached at brooklynbybike if you're up for it! Thanks.


  2. Hi Anita, thanks for your post! Your blog looks so interesting! I wouldn't expect to be able to keep up with a real cyclist on my blue, second hand 80s bike, though... :)


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