Monday, 4 April 2011

London revisited

We got home from London late last night. It was our third time there and this time around we loved it! When we visited London from Dublin it was just too similar. This time around, too, it almost felt like being back in Dublin, so we got super nostalgic about everything: left-side-traffic, narrow streets, low buildings, Marks & Spencer's food hall, sandwiches, fry-ups, pubs, cidre and friendly people who smile and say 'sorry' a lot (even if not as much as the Irish!).

The reason I got yet another holiday was H&C's wedding in London. Our flights with easyJet were about €170 (two return flights, one check-in bag), and booked a room at the City Road branch of Travelodge – near the chapel where our friends were getting married. From comparing experiences with the other guests at the wedding, it sounded like we got a really good deal on the hotel: the room cost about €64 per night.

We took it really easy the whole weekend, which might of also have contributed to why we liked London so much this time around. We skipped breakfast every morning and slept in. Then we'd go out to find a pub or a café to eat at. All we managed in four days was pretty much to take a stroll around Camden on Friday, attend the wedding on Saturday and walk through a few markets around Brick Lane on Sunday (foodie heaven!) – and to eat and shop at M&S's Foodhall.

Our room at the City Road Travelodge: simple but adequate.

Camden High Street in Camden Town.

Ordnung muss sein, oder?

A vegetarian fry for breakfast at The Master Gunner on Old City Road, where we got amazingly nice service from a bar maid who looked a lot like Phoebe from Friends.

Brick Lane on Sunday.

Brick Lane on Sunday.

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