Sunday, 28 October 2012

Again/Always London

We were in London to visit my best friend at the start of October. She and her new-ish boyfriend have just moved there, so now it feels like we have almost as many friends in London as we do back home in Finland. The trip was great even if it ended up draining all of our funds for, say, two months to come. We managed to find a cheap B&B type hotel (not easy in London!) near St Pancras train station where our Luton airport trains arrived and departed, and which is on the Northern Line, as is A and V. We spent two nights there, and one at the airport, since our stupid Easyjet flight was at 6am on Monday morning. The things we put our future selves through while planning trips! Our only plan, really, was to hang out and take it easy and to see our friends as much as we could. And go to pubs! I really miss the Irish pub life, which is pretty much the same in London. So we hung around Shoreditch and drank many pints of cider, Guinness and ale. The two remarkable things we hadn't done before in London were to go to the Tate Modern (free entry, why hadn't anyone told me!) and to go for midnight bagels at the famous Beigel Shop on Brick Lane. Oh, I'd go back to London just for one of those!

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