Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Good news!

I am happy over something really stupid. My favourite shop has just opened a branch in Berlin (Neukölln)! TK Maxx is a discount store, but with quality, designer and label stuff, like clothes, shoes, kitchenware... They tend to get in a few of this and a few of that, so they never have the same thing on the racks for long. In the States they are called TJ Maxx, I think. In Dublin I used to shop in TK Maxx all the time. I love the thrill of the hunt and the feeling of hope when I go in; "maybe today they'll have what I have always been looking for?".

I immediately felt an urge to go to Neukölln, where, to be honest, I haven't had an urge to go before. TK Maxx is on Karl-Marx-Strasse 92-98, almost directly at the U7 stop Rathaus Neukölln. It was a big, not completely crammed shop (they only opened last Thursday), but buzzing. I really felt like I was back in Dublin for about an hour :) We left with a pair of leather boots for me, Christmas presents for our friends' kids and A's godfather, a really cool woolen sweater for A and one of those small pillows you stick it in the microwave oven and it heats up. And I'll be back!


  1. Sounds like a cool shop, maybe I'll go and check it out as well! Although I hate Neukölln, we went to Kreuzberg last weekend and changed U-bahns at Hermannplatz, I can safely say that I've seen no uglier place in Berlin than that region *shivers*... But I need some retail therapy since the apartment-hunting isn't going so well... :(

  2. It's my favourite, but it might be a bit of a culture shock if you haven't been in one before :P That's where I'll get all my Christmas presents, I predict. I haven't seen much of Neukölln either, but not all was bad.

  3. All of Neukölln I've seen so far has been quite horrible, including the area around Rathaus Neukölln (yep, went to check out the store today). I wasn't really that enthusiastic about the TK Maxx clothes but the baking section upstairs was a nice surprise, and if they change the selection of the baking ware as often as they do with clothes/shoes, I just might have to go back at a later date as well.. ;)

  4. Yeah the clothes take a bit of an effort to browse through, my favourite departments are kitchenware, shoes and gift items :) And at least in Ireland they change stuff really frequently, on everything, so fingers crossed.

  5. Hi E.Birdie

    Sounds great!

    Do you mind telling what sort of prices you were looking at? I'm after some heavy winter clothes for this winter in the snow in Austria and am on a realllly tight budget.


  6. It can really vary... But you defo can get great quality for less than in other shops. Sorry I can't help more, but I haven't been checking out winter gear at all. Good luck and happy shopping!


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