Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The fall of the wall

So, that was that then. The 20th anniversary of the wall falling. It was rainy and miserable out, no way was I going out anywhere to hold hands with strangers. I know, I'm no team player. Instead a bunch of us Finns sat in our apartment and watched it all happen on tv. Drinking sparkling wine and eating quiche. I have to say, it could not have been a nicer evening – and we had a great view of the Brandenburger Tor event on the small screen. I bet the only thing we would have seen there in person were the insides of hundreds of umbrellas.

Tomorrow I get my better half back from Dublin again, and after a few nights of rest, we will take the train to Warsaw. I am very excited about that, I have not been there before. I wonder if you get any veggie food there? :)

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  1. hahaha, well I did consider doing the same about a hundred times, as I stood there with no way out, some guys umbrella ocasionally either poking me in the head or dripping all of the water it kept the guy from, on my face. So I'm sure your alternative was perfect. But I am happy, I don't have to say, yeah I was in the city, but I didn't go, you know. I'm probably getting the flu tomorrow, but I did enjoy it too. :) Quiche sounds good, though! :)))


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