Friday, 25 June 2010

Fresh fish in Berlin

Fresh salad, generous slices of lemon and grilled, fresh Loop de meer (sea bass)

It's not the easiest thing to find fresh fish in Berlin, and if you do, it's going to cost you. We've lived on the coast our whole lives, and a few years in Ireland – literally on an island, so we feel very lost here at times.

Last weekend I received this hot tip: the fish in Turkish restaurant Balikci Ergün (Lüneburger Str. 383, in the middle of nowhere) is fresh and delicious. So, on Wednesday, with the excuse of belatedly celebrating A's and M's birthdays, we pointed our bikes towards Moabit.We found the restaurant easily: is in the foot of a railway bridge and the facade is bright blue and yellow – in every way un-charactaristic for Berlin. On the inside Balikci Ergün is small, cosy and covered from top to toe with hand written notes greeting the owner. We were seated on the small terrace fenced in by flowers and greenery, and could barely glimpse at the dull buildings that the area consists of.

Our Finnish/Swedish/German party-of-four agreed that the grilled fish was fresh, excellent, and satisfied our desire for grilled food: it tasted like summer. The fish is not so cheap (we had whole mackerel, €9; salmon, €10; sea bass, €13; shared salad; €20), but worth it! Next time I want to try the calamari...

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