Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A new home

We found an apartment!!! Actually, already last week: we were shortlisted for an interview with the owner (the cutest old granny), who then picked us out of the two applicants. (As usual, I felt really bad for the other girl applying. She was really sweet and nice, and had already viewed 28 apartments!) On Saturday we signed the lease, so it's official. I am super happy: it's the apartment that we most liked of the 19 places we saw, and it has a kitchen big enough for a table and big-ish balcony, too. On 1.7. we will be moving to Friedrichshain!

Today should be the last day of work stress, the magazine is being printed tomorrow morning. Then it's all about packing, re-registering our address, and preparing mentally for my mom to arrive to spend July in Berlin.

Also, we have no furniture, except for a fridge M&M are donating us and two guest mattresses...


  1. Congrats! I've been checking your blog every now and then. Thank you for offering such good advice - we've plans to move to Berlin as well..

    Warmth and sunshine!

  2. Thank you! It's surprisingly difficult to find an apartment here, and to figure out all the bureaucracy, but it's really worth it... Berlin is great. I'm glad if any of my experiences help!


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