Sunday, 1 August 2010

Mexican favourites

Yesterday we enjoyed our first day of no-guests and did a little tour-de-Kreuzberg. Our goal was actually to go rescue the plants at R's apartment: it's empty while she's still in Finland and her subtenants left behind tomato and paprika plants that might not survive with the limited care we can supply...

We started off on the Saturday market on Boxhagener Platz, where M and little J were playing in the sandbox. We bought tomatoes and Brandenburg-grown cherries and decided to make it a habit to go to Boxi more often on Saturdays – specially near closing time, when you clearly get the best deals!

After the plant rescue mission we cycled back towards Friedrichshain along Oranienstraße, where we quite randomly chose to sit down and eat at Mexican restaurant Santa Maria. I later realised it's owned by the same people who own the successful Maria Bonita and Maria Peligro restaurants. We ordered a portion of the guacamole with chips, vegetarian tacos and a three cheese "torta", that basically is a Mexican style sandwich. The guacamole was good, the soft tacos a bit plain and my torta was so ugly I didn't even want to eat it – but I'm glad I did, because it was the best part of the meal, hands down! I'd go back for another torta, for sure. The tacos and the chips I might not go all the way to Santa Maria for, but stay closer to home and get them at the superb Ta’Cabrón Taqueria (Skalitzer Strasse 60), where the food is also nicer to look at.

Vegetable taco, €4, Santa Maria.

Torta with three cheeses, €6, Santa Maria.

Seafood taco, €5, Ta’Cabrón Taqueria.

We finished our little outing by hanging out in Görlitzer Park for a bit. What a nice day!

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