Friday, 27 August 2010

Watching the holiday makers

It's been a while, huh? I have two good excuses: we have had a ton of guests in August and we have a crappy Internet connection... Frustrated, we signed up with Kabel Deutschland, who after letting us wait for two weeks told us it might be another 6-8 weeks before a technician is available. What are we – in the 90s?! Alice told us it would take a maximum of 14 days before we're up and running. I'm counting the days! In the mean time, we've become the best customers at our local video rental shop.

A's parents and godparents were here for almost a week at the beginning of August – that was pretty hard core. Do you know who the worse visitors are? The ones who say "we don't have any plans, you decide what we do!" We went to the beer festival on Karl-Marx-Allee, we had a trip to the emergency room (I learned that the German word for tick is Zecke), showed them the wonder of Mauerpark on a Sunday, visited A's studio, Kunsthaus Tacheles, the Ritter Sport shop and ate and drank a lot. They were very impressed with the prices of EVERYTHING here in Berlin. They are already planning their next trip.

Five days later, our friends came passing through Berlin on their way to Portugal. They stayed with us for three nights: we did some shopping and ate and drank a lot. Four days after E&A continued their inter rail journey, the next friends arrived. Thank heavens, K and her husband stayed in a hotel: she had whisked him away on a surprise birthday trip to Berlin. Our first and best advice to them was to rent bikes. They happily pedalled around Berlin for two days while I was busy at work. We did get to indulge in eating and drinking this time, too. Mostly we ended up in my favourite cocktail bar, BR101 on Torstraße, where the prices and the quality always impress our guests.

After all this, A got a cold and I'm just comatosed at home. What a summer! Where did it go? Now it's raining every day and the temperatures seem to have dropped under +20°C permanently... I still had so many plans for this summer!

...At least we've seen our families and friends, we've moved house and we've eaten and drunk A LOT :)

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