Monday, 25 October 2010


It's been hectic at work again, but now another issue is being printed and I get to exhale. A little. On my day off today, I've been sprucing up our home a little. For instance, I unpacked the third to last moving box: the books that finally have a book shelf to live in! We get a flatmate on Wednesday.

P, who I met in my German class last autumn, is moving in with us for a few weeks while she's looking for a room to rent. I'm a little nervous about how my poor nerves will deal with someone else sharing our home, but also I know from experience that it keeps the house clean and it keeps us more organized. And she's Swedish, so we don't have to explain the whole no-shoes-indoors thing to her, or why we eat dinner so early, or why you don't wash dishes with the kitchen rag. It will be fine.

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