Monday, 18 October 2010

Lonely no more

A is coming home tomorrow, yay! We get to have breakfast together, then I have to hurry to work... And he'll go to bed, I reckon. His bands gig at the festival went well and I think he got to see pretty much every friend and relative that needs to be seen. It's never really a holiday to visit at home, is it?

I must say that this week has flown by, I have hardly been at home – unfortunately a little bit because of work, too. I only ate maybe one or two meals at home, and so today, too, I had dinner with S, D and their friend at one of our favourite restaurants, Wok Show in P'berg.


  1. Wok Show is one of my favourites too! Those Jaozi are such a bargain. Love it.

  2. I could eat them all day :) And I order the cucumber and garlic starter/salad every time, it's insanely good, too!


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