Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Nice enough for a parental visit

Not to miss any of the sunshine and heat today, we decided we were allowed to eat out again. After work we cycled to Holteistraße, to sit in the calm atmosphere of the garden at Turnhalle. It really is a hidden gem with Moroccan style loungey sofas, bubbling little water fountains and plenty of room. The building itself, a former school gymnasium, is historically protected being a prime example of socialist neoclassical architecture. The atmosphere at Trunhalle is fancier than in your usual Friedrichshain hang out, and so are the prices – by a little. I tried the Kartoffelgnocchi with sun dried tomatoes and parmesan, he had the salmon pizza (€7.50 each) and we were both really pleased with what was brought to us, and it was pretty to look at, too. This is the perfect place for a mini-vacation: it doesn't feel like Berlin, it feels like Potsdam or Portugal, depending on the day! I'd like to come here on the weekend to try the Saturday breakfast buffet (€6.50) or the Sunday brunch buffet (€9.50) next.


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