Friday, 8 January 2010

Back in snowy Berlin

Snowy Finland

Snowy Berlin

Back in Berlin.

It feels strange to come home to a place where you don't have a job or any commitments. At the airport i felt like we will arrive in Ireland, like we used to. When we landed, I felt like we ended up back in Finland. But we are indeed in Berlin. We will look for a job, we will practice our German, we will meet our friends and it will feel like home again.

Finland was quite cold and very snowy. The cold didn't feel as bad as I had expected, it was very manageable. The amount of snow fall often made driving a bit scary and we got sick of having to brush off the car and scrape the ice off the windows everytime we needed to go somewhere. It was great to get to hang out with our families so much and to see our friends. We had many nice meals, many drinks and even went so see a few bands play. Christmas was Christmas; too much food and great company – New Year's was the usual; going to a stiff Finnish house party and watching the fireworks at midnight.

What made me happy about coming back to Berlin? Oddly enough, the snow. Cheap sushi. Organic grocery shops. A bag of really tasty organic clementines cost €2,49. We met our breakfast club buddies and had a breakfast buffet for €2,95. To see happy dogs without leashes. That The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is finally in the cinema!

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