Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Looking for work

I am seriously trying to find a job now, no more horsing around. We've both had interviews and we are both doing a trial: I will do a trial issue of a well known Berlin-mag next month, and next week A is doing a two day trial at an IT company. Apparently that's how it works here; you will be tested first. In a way that's good, then you will know what the job is like and if you like it. Both of us will still keep looking, but at least we can feel good about ourselves; we were picked for something!

Here's a a few links that I have found useful while looking for work – they are leaning towards media and the creative fields a little, but there's a few more general sites, too:

The Local's ads
Exberliner ads
A collection of adverts via Toytown
Jobs in Berlin
Work for the EU
International development jobs
Film and TV industry jobs
Design jobs
Creative jobs

More good tips are welcome!


  1. A well known Berlin-mag sounds really cool! And thanks for the tips, I'm also looking right now, been already for 3 months actually, and it seems you never know where good ads might pop up. I've been checking mostly (fashion jobs at), and craigslist. But craigslist is mostly a waste of time, all they offer are stuff like "please brade my hair, but sorry I won't be able to pay you." ;)

    The test day-policy is indeed the way to go here, and unfortunately some companies abuse that big time. I once did 2 days for a company who didn't even bother to thank me or ever call me back. But that was great experience for me for the next job, and that one I got. :) Good luck with the magazine job!

  2. Thanks, I hope it works out – I heard they are also testing someone who is a friend of the owners... But they are actually paying for the trial days, so it's ok.

    Craigslist is mostly a waste of time, but sometimes you stumble upon something real there. Very rarely, though :)

    Good luck with your search, hope you find something soon!

  3. I did two test days for the job that I currently have. And also one day (or actually it was more like 4 hours) for the one before. But both of these places felt really reliable so I didn't even question their motives making me work for free. (And I had read that that's the way they do it around here). I think it sounds perfect, if you even get some money from your try out period. Good luck for both of you!!


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