Friday, 22 July 2011

Swedish candy

Mmmm... E and I made a deliciously dangerous discovery a few weeks ago when innocently opening a bank account for her: Herr Nilsson (Wühlischstrasse 58) sells pick and mix candy from Sweden, Finland and Denmark for €1.60/100g. My favourite cola bottles and marshmallow mushrooms are there, only the selection of salmiakki (like salty liquorice) leaves a bit to be desired. The chocolate selection on the other hand is pretty terrific: Marabou, Fazer and Cloetta. The shop has only been open for about two months now, and I hope it does well.

When I took A there yesterday, he was delighted to realise that he can by his favourite chips in Berlin: Cheez Doodles, aka Ostbågar, aka Juustosnacks. I'm so glad we don't live any closer to Herr Nilsson, or we'd be in there every other day!


  1. Aaah I'm so jealous! :) That store sounds like a heaven to me. I wish these kind of stores would find their ways to south France too.

  2. I was superduper happy to find Herr Nilsson, for sure :)

  3. thanks for the review... a few new liquorice sorts are now available at Herr Nilsson Godis: Saltade bläckfiskar, salta ovaler, Salmiakrocks, saltpastiller, lakritspipor and lakrisal.
    Also some salty hard candies are back: Turkish pepper, snusmumrikar, hallonmumrikar and hallonsaltpaddor :-))
    On top of these, some more extra sour sorts have just arrived ;)


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