Thursday, 8 July 2010

Furnishing for free

We had a few cool days that let us breathe easy and get some proper sleep: now the thermometre is slowly creeping towards +30°C again.

Yesterday we really appreciated the cooler +22 when we picked up random furniture, bits and pieces around Berlin. A was very excited to collect a pile of free, redundant chipboards from Neukölln, advertised on Craigslist. Then we steered our rental van towards the west and picked up our three-euro eBay sofa. We felt so bad for how low the price was, we paid five instead. But turns out that if a sofa costs tree euro, it's not going to be in very good condition, surprisingly enough. So now we're spending the day trying to clean it. (We also found the eBay Kleinanzeigen page useful; it's regular for-sale-ads, no bidding involved.) Then we headed north, to Wedding, to empty out Mr Diego's room from the stuff he posted on Freecycle. We had to leave a desk there, that we simply could not squeeze into the van anymore. His bed was quite new and that was the only thing he had to buy himself, so we offered him whatever cash we had on us for it: 10 euro :)

So for €15 (+rental van €29) we got two sofas, a mattress, a futon base, a wardrobe, a bedside table with drawers and a pile of chipboard. Not bad for a days work. And 'yay!' to everyone who's recycling!

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