Friday, 9 July 2010

Slow Berlin breakfasts

I don't really eat breakfast, I never have. In Berlin breakfast has become one of my favourite meals: almost every café and bakery serves wonderful breakfast platters that I love to take my time over on a day off. Yesterday we tried breakfast at our long-time-Friedrichshainer friend's favourite bar, Sando (Proskauer Straße 10). We shared the salmon breakfast plate and a portion of fried eggs with fried potatoes, and had coffee and tea, all for just under €13. The portions were generous, everything was fresh and well made – even perfectly salted, which never happens. The dinner menu wasn't half bad, either. Sando just might become our favourite bar, too.

Today there's no breakfast, no slow start to the day. A is at work and I'm supposed to be working too. I got this little design project thrown my way by an overworked friend (clearly not a Berliner!), and I promised to send the client in Finland stuff by Monday. It's actually pretty great: what should be about 2-3 days work will pay more than my part-time job here pays in a month. That's the dream: live in Berlin and get your job assignments from abroad, where they pay you more...

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