Monday, 26 July 2010

Mom in Berlin

Dinner for three

My mom's visit is a constant roller coaster of feelings for me. One minute I'm incredible annoyed at everything she's ever said, one minute I feel grateful and touched that she's here. Yesterday I got snapped at her for not having been out and hardly seeing any of the city... In fairness, what adult can still live in the same household as their mother, for ten days, without getting even a little pissed off? I've been good - better than I expected.

A month has almost passed and now she's leaving; packing and preparing. I will miss her. We are throwing her a farewell party on Thursday, with drinks at our place and then a dinner at the downstairs restaurant. A few friends already confirmed that they are coming: my mom has met many of our friends here. She wants to bake a cake. I will make watermelon cocktails, I think.

Am I happy or sad? Coming or going? For one thing, I will be very, very grateful to have our apartment to ourselves for a while, last week we were four people sharing it!

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