Saturday, 3 July 2010

Out of the old, into the new

We left our old, 47 m2, furnished apartment in Prenzlauer Berg nice and clean. We were not tired or very stressed at all: we got an amazing parking spot, had plenty of time and not much to do, it felt like. We picked up a Freecycled fridge from M&M and had a Radler before we went to meet the previous tenant, who would give us the keys to our new home.

When we arrived at the new, 57 m2, empty apartment in F'hain, it was almost three o'clock before we could start unpacking. The van needed to be returned at four. There were only the two of us carrying stuff. Did I say it was +27°C? We ran back and forth between the car and our hallway, where we threw our boxes and knickknacks. My mom rang, she was on her way from the airport. Everything at once, of course! It all went well in the end, and we got to have some moving beers and dinner at our downstairs restaurant. We were also happily surprised that the Robben & Wientjes van only cost us €32 for seven hours (you have to have an EU driver's licence and be registered in Berlin to rent there). The apartment is still a mess, because we are waiting for painters to come and paint over the interesting colour choices the previous tenants had made... Except the yellow hallway and living room. We also have no furniture and nowhere to unpack stuff into :) But I'm very excited about our new home, it will eventually become a very good one.

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