Thursday, 23 September 2010

Sunny in Görli

Görlitzer Park in the sun

Last night we went to an Exberliner at Kaffee Burger event, where we saw up-and-coming Berlin bands My Name is Claude, Susanna Berivan (she was amazing!) and Paris Suit Yourself. As a result, we didn't get up early today, even if I had every plan to soak in all the rays on sunshine that I could – but we did our best. We had our breakfast al fresco at Restaurant Anastasia – the restaurant was picked solely by where we could get the most sun. Our cheese platters were €6,50 each, were nothing special, and the bread was clearly frozen, processed crap. With tea and a Saftschorle it came to €19,00, which to my mind is too much for a very average breakfast.

After brunch I cycled off to meet our friend R. To optimize our sun-intake we hung out in Görlitzer Park (with the rest of Kreuzberg – does no one in Berlin have a job?!). R is moving back to Finland next week and we have promised to buy a lot of her furniture to help her get rid of it (and to fill our empty rooms). Now she handed me a backpack and a paper bag full of bonus knickknacks; scissors, oven forms, a cook book, pens... I have a feeling we'll have a very full house by the end of next week!

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