Saturday, 25 September 2010

R is for risotto

My friend once summed it up pretty well: A relationship eventually boils down to asking each other "What should we have for dinner?" once a day. Often it really does feel like that. That's why Berlin is so great: we can afford to eat out more often than ever before.

Last weekend we couldn't resist trying this Mitte newcomer, RisOTTO, a restaurant that only serves risottos. I'm interested in any fast food that doesn't come from a big factory somewhere! We tried the mushroom risotto (€5,50) and the smoked salmon, horseradish and caper risotto (€7,50). The risottos are light and fluffy – not greasy and stodgy. RisOTTO is more of a lunch restaurant than an evening place: you place your order at the till, the portions are served quickly and the kitchen closes at 20.30. Italian fast food at it's best.

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