Monday, 13 July 2009

Landlord from hell

I got a text from our old landlord in Dublin. I have been trying to reach him to see when we get our deposit back. He texted me to say, the apartment needs to be cleaned - will we sort it? OH MY GOD, we left the apartment dust and dirt-free. When we moved in, the place was disgusting, so we made sure to leave it nice, even if we really dislike our landlord. I am so offended that he claims that, and I am outraged, because he clearly is trying to get out of paying our deposit in full. And now he's not replying to my texts, where I'm asking him to specify what he thinks needs to be cleaned. I'm fuming. And we really, really need to get that deposit back! We are going to the registry office here tomorrow, then to the bank to open our accounts and to pay our current deposit. Oih.

Our current landlord brought another closet and picked up some stuff today - so now we have finally been able to move things around and them the way we want to. It feels more like home already! We moved the desk into the bedroom, to give A an office. So the living room is mine, now, isn't it? :)

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