Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The weekend is over...

My friend N was here for almost a week and I have seen so much more of my new hometown. Our other friend was here too and she stayed with her friend in Kreuzberg, so we saw some of the southern hoods, too. My favourite place was Viktoriapark where we climbed up a steep slope to sit at a monument for something or other, with a few bottles of beer. It was sunset and we had a view of the whole city. We have trotted Kastanienallee up and down many times, and I think I know my way around the shops there now. On Sunday we had the best time in Mauerpark, where we saw cool drum-and-machine-band Trap, and the best beat-boxer I have ever seen, Mc Xander. Yesterday we hopped on a sightseeing boat tour and got a totally different view of all the beautiful buildings along the river Spree. We ate a lot and we drank a lot, at the cost of our beauty sleep. Now I will eat Finnish candy and watch TV for a few days, I think. When I have recovered we will take our new bikes out and explore, and I definitively want to show A the spot in Viktoriapark.

I don't know how to flip the video the right way, obviously the original isn't filmed like this, sorry!

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