Monday, 14 September 2009

The best thing about Germany... that it's completely normal to go out for breakfast! Our friends H and C were over for a visit, and we ate breakfast in cafés on the two mornings that were sunny.

This breakfast cheese platter is at Godot on Kastanienallee, a place that had been recommended to me specifically for breakfast. It was plentiful and nice, for sure! We had a slightly posher, and slightly nicer version the next morning at Blumencafé on Schönhauser Allee – for a few more euros, of course. It's a genius place that combines a flower shop and a café. Inside the shop live two enormous parakeets that scare and fascinate me. Another breakfast favourite is the vegan/vegetarian buffet at Morgenrot, also on Kastanienallee. And maybe when our next guests come, we will get a chance to go try the Sunday buffet Rix in Neukölln, highly praised by a friend who used to live in that area.


  1. oh my god, you went to godot... i took my friends there too for this amazing breakfast, and we had the most horrible service ever. the croissants were burned, the waitress was really aggressive, threw stuff at us and screamed at us and made us actually quite scared, and finally, when we went to give feedback, she came to defend herself based on "we're a bit busy". so, no godot ever again for me...


  2. Oh nein! That sucks! We had a perfectly reasonable experience there, but a lot of wasps. I can't wait for them all to die soon! But I really, really recommend the Blumencafé, it's slightly more expensive, but is so cosy with all the plants!


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