Thursday, 4 February 2010

Another interview

I had my first job interview in German today. It went quite well, I'm proud to say. I'm not sure I want the job, but I'm also not sure if I get to pick and choose anymore. It would be an interesting gig as a part-time assistant for a social events photographer, but hard work and awkward hours, too. We'll see, she will let me know by the weekend. In two week I will do my "Probearbeit" at the magazine I interviewed with ages ago... So maybe something will work out. Our really good friends are taking some time off from their kids next week and will let their hair down here in Berlin – so we need to get some rest before then :)

A is actually schmoozing at a Gibson charity event tonight – I offered him my spot as our well connected friend K's plus one. Maybe they will offer him a job on the spot? Meanwhile, I get to eat all of our new favourite sweets: Bärenland on Schönhauser Allee has upped their game for us true candy connoisseurs ;)

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