Monday, 22 February 2010

Hired! (Spring in Berlin)

Last weeks job trial exhausted me: getting the magazine to print in time while working in a chaotic environment and not having a clue about the system was tough. The magazine is ganz ok, but the work flow is like going down a hill with your eyes shut on a bike with no breaks. Yesterday, after we finished the issue and sent off the pages at 20:30, I was finally told I got the job! That means we get to stay in Berlin, and we won't run out of money! Yay! It's just a part-time job, but it pays enough to cover our rent and bills, and that's all we really need now.

It's been happy days here lately; we've seen more and more of the sun and less and less of the snow. I hope the thermometer won't dip below zero anymore and I can take out my blue bicycle again! It's going to be a good spring in Berlin!

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