Thursday, 25 February 2010

Spring, glorious spring!

Wow, what weather we had in Berlin today! +11°C and full on sunshine! To our misfortune we slept in (partly because A was up at 4am to watch Finland beat the Czech Republic in hockey) and only realised in the afternoon how nice the weather was. We ran out to get breakfast, or lunch, and a lot of sun. We found a perfect spot on Fehrbelliner straße, where we could sit outside in the sun at La Focacceria. I love the focaccias at the focacceria on Kastanienallee, and these were just as good! Three big pieces cost 4,20€, a cappuccino 2€ and tea 1,20€ – a very reasonable price for lunch for two. Not to mention a seat facing the sun!

We popped in to Lidl on Choriner straße and found that they have again had a Nordic week with nordic products on sale. They still had Danish akvavit, Finnish lingonberry jam and Swedish punschrullar, chokladbollar and mazariner left, and we stocked up on "dammsugare", my favourites!

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