Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Happy Paddy's Day!

It's time for me to prove I'm the right person for the job: it's my first issue that's going to print this week. I feel stressed: I've been trying to find a cover image, I'm looking for interns, I'm doing illustrations, designing ads... And this week we are in design, so it will get busier and busier. Then, next Wednesday, it's all over – until next month. Such is the cycle of life in the publishing world.

The weather has been absolutely horrible and cold. I learned the German expression for it: April Wetter. That's when you thought it was nice and sunny and spring was coming – and then it starts to snow.

Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day, which will have to be celebrated somehow, preferably in an Irish pub in Berlin. The word on the street is that you better turn up early to get a seat tomorrow. I have no doubt, as there is a shitload of Irish people living here and it should be good craic. I wonder if I can get Bulmers cider (known on the continent as Magners) on tap here?

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