Saturday, 27 March 2010

Two days of summer

Not only did we get spring to Berlin, we already had two days of summer! Thursday and Friday were both +20°C and we were out, out, out! I had my first ice cream, my first dinner outside, my first picnic, my first beer garden beer and got my first sun burn of the year... Now it's back to reality with +10°C and rain :)

Yesterday A had to work all day and didn't get to enjoy the weather, so I made us a salmon and potato salad to go and we had a dinner picnic in Mauerpark, with wine and all. Our friends then joined us and we had a few drinks while looking in amazement at the hoards of teenagers and blasts of bonfires, music, shouting and fireworks. We were expecting the police to come at any minute, but they never did. Something was definitively going on last night, we just didn't know what and why!

We made a really happy discovery last weekend when we finally tried St. Gaudy Café that opened on our street already in December: it's all vegetarian! It was the easiest thing to pick something to eat, such luxury. My continental breakfast cost €3,50 and it included a glass of orange juice. Besides being so affordable, the coffee is good – so we'll be going back to St. Gaudy's again!

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