Monday, 8 March 2010

Waiting for the sun

Waiting for warmth, actually. We did have breakfast (maybe more like lunch) outside in the sun again today, but with our winter coats firmly buttoned and our scarves tightly tied.

I have another good reason to wait for warmer times: last Friday we celebrated A's and our friend M's new jobs, first by eating dumplings at Yumcha Heroes on Weinbergsweg, then with a beer and cake at cosy St Oberholz café on Rosenthaler Platz. We might have once again ended up in BR101, and possibly in absinth bar Druide, too... Anyway, to cut to the chase: You know how you can order a Berliner Weisse beer "mit rot" or "mit grün" syrup? Here you can order it with rhubarb flavour – soooo yummy! I have a feeling I will drink many of these this summer.

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